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Down Jackets

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Cashmere $1750

A series of unique, luxurious and soft yarns at the extraordinary price of $1750. Add timeless elegance to your style.


Crafted in fine yarns, these garments are perfect to add a touch of elegance to your look.


The perfect combination of style and comfort, crafted in luxury yarns. Perfect for a casual and dynamic look.


A selection of must-have accessories for the male wardrobe to give your outfits a flawless finish.

Down Jackets

Men's Falconeri jackets reinvent classic outerwear in a sporty style and are a part of the made in Italy collection. 

Choose your favourite jacket

Falconeri offers a wide range of jackets with a sporty and casual style. Choose from men's parkas, down and waterproof jackets in a sleeveless gilet style or with long sleeves and with or without a hood depending on the occasion. The hood detail is highly distinctive of the style, which moves away from formality and elegance for a more trendy and informal look.

A solution for every season

In autumn/winter, the down jackets enriched with knit details are the core business item for the Falconeri company. They are essential must-haves to face the coldest temperatures in a practical and comfortable way. For the summer, Falconeri jackets are crafted using lighter materials, while maintaining their hyper-sporty shape.

How and when to wear them

The Falconeri men's jacket combines well with jeans or a jumper, or why not wear it over a suit jacket on business trips? Perfect for outings with friends, in the city, and for long weekends out of town. Show off a casual and fashionable style in any situation!

Choose a suitable colour

Falconeri winter jackets are available in darker tones such as navy blue and black. During the warmer months the colours transform into lighter and more fashionable tones. Regardless of the colour, the style will always remain the same: young, informal and gritty! 

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