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up to 70% off on selected items

Daily Rhythm

Simple is also sophisticated

Special for You

Until 23 January you will receive a soft hat as a gift with the purchase of two cashmere sweaters.

Knitwear for extraordinary people

Ultralight Cashmere

Essential, timeless elegance.

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Ultrasoft Cashmere

A warm hug.

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Best Sellers

HK$3,450.00 HK$1,750.00
+ 10 Colours
HK$1,990.00 HK$1,550.00
+ 2 Colours
HK$3,250.00 HK$1,750.00
+ 3 Colours
HK$2,550.00 HK$1,750.00
+ 10 Colours
HK$4,590.00 HK$2,890.00
+ 3 Colours
+ 2 Colours
HK$4,250.00 HK$2,350.00
+ 2 Colours
+ 4 Colours
HK$2,450.00 HK$1,750.00
+ 13 Colours

Our extraordinary initiatives

the Falconeri Dream

We believe in timeless beauty. Come and discover the values that guide us every day.

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Falconeri sustainability

From the pastures of Mongolia to our shops, we take care of every detail, without intermediaries, respecting the environment and people.

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