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Choose the perfect colors to enhance you!

The purpose of harmochromy is to find the ideal palette that enhances our skin-eyes-hair combination, instantly making us look more beautiful, fitter, and younger. Identifying one's palette through Armocromia is crucial when choosing clothes and accessories, as well as hair and make-up, to create a fantastic sense of harmony and beauty. Here is our selection of key garments for every woman, from the Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

And you, what season are you?


The Summer palette has Cool, Clear and Delicate colors.

It belongs to people with fair complexions that redden easily, with hazel or clear eyes and hair from ash brown to very light blond.

Mild colors, such as powder pink, sage green or the range of blues, are indispensable for them, while it is best to avoid those that are too hot and bright, which risk making them disappear, such as orange and the hottest yellows.


The Autumn palette presents Warm, Deep and Soft colors.

It belongs to people with golden or amber complexions all year round, with hazel or greenish eyes and hair from natural dark red to golden brown or blond.

The most enhancing colors for them are those of nature in autumn, such as brown, forest green or orange; cold, bright colors such as black or fuchsia work less well.


The Winter palette is characterized by Cold, Deep and Bright colors. Here we find people with cold complexions, whether darker, olive or instead very light, dark and deep or gemstone eyes, and hair from raven black to ash brown.

Intense and cool colors such as emerald green, purple or midnight blue are perfect for them, while warm and soft colors such as beige or the range of oranges are best avoided.


The Spring palette is distinguished by its Clear, Warm and Bright colors.

Those who belong to this season have golden and radiant complexions, clear and very bright eyes, and hair ranging from brown to wheat blond through natural red.

Brighter and warmer colors such as orange, yellow, and red work well on them, while colors that are too dull and cold, such as black and gray, which darken them, should be avoided.

How to choose the right neckline


Round-Neck Ultrafine Cashmere Jumper

Colour: Violet - Garment-Dyed Azulejos

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Round-Neck Ultrafine Cashmere Jumper

Colour: Blue - Garment-Dyed Ocean

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Round-Neck Ultrafine Cashmere Jumper

Colour: Ivory - Light Alabaster

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Famously known as the crew neck, the crew neck is a great knitwear classic. Did you know that it gives a sense of roundness to the figure? This is why it is in fact recommended for those with petite breasts, but not only: its gentle linearity, softens the features in square-shaped faces and helps round out elongated ones.


Ultrafine Cashmere V-Neck Jumper

Colour: Red - Garment-Dyed Macaron

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V-Neck Silk Blouse

Colour: Violet - Blueberry

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Ultrasoft Cashmere Tricot V-Neck Jumper

Colour: Light Blue - Lilac

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Another great wardrobe classic, a key detail for giving verticality to the figure. It is ideal for slimming the bust in hourglass and diamond bodyshapes, helps optically lengthen the neck, and, in the deep V version, enhances wide, well-sculpted shoulders in just the right way. It is also ideal for round-shaped faces.


Ultrafine Cashmere Turtleneck Jumper

Colour: Blue - Garment-Dyed Ink

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Flat Ribbed Ultrafine Cashmere Turtleneck

Colour: White - White

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Ultrafine Cashmere Turtleneck Jumper

Colour: Natural - Garment-Dyed Light Rum

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An iconic piece so beloved by divas of the past, and a must-have of the winter season in the common imagination, is definitely the turtleneck. For whom is it particularly suitable? Besides being for those with very long necks, it is great for the triangle body shape, with minute shoulders and breasts, as it tends to add volume right at the top of the bust, but it is also perfect for more androgynous physiques.

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