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Armocromy & Cashmere

Choose the perfect colors to enhance you

With Armochromia, colors become allies of every woman to enhance her beauty, personality and uniqueness. Curious to find the ideal palette that naturally enhances your skin-eyes-hair combination? The Armocromia system is based on 4 seasons: Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring. Find your season, your palette and the perfect cashmere colors to wear!

And you, what season are you?


The summer palette consists of cool and soft, more delicate colors. People who belong to this season have light complexions that blush easily, with hazel or clear eyes and hair from ash brown to very light blond. Perfect are soft shades such as powder pink, mauve, sage and lilac, good grays and taupe and also blue but not too bright. To avoid: all warm and excessively bright colors even if they are cool, in fact they would tend to "overpower" those with more delicate colors.


The spring palette has warm, light and bright colors, like those that nature takes on in the spring period. People who belong to this season have a particularly radiant and golden complexion, clear and bright eyes that can be light blue, blue and intense, green with golden shades or a warm and bright brown, and hair that ranges from brown to wheat blond passing through natural red. Brighter and warmer shades such as orange, yellow and red are perfect. To avoid: all colors that are too dull and cold, as well as black and gray.


The autumn palette features the warm, soft colors that characterize the woods in autumn. It is rich in yellows and browns, forest greens and warmer reds. People with golden and amber complexions all year round, with hazelnut or greenish eyes and dark red to brown or golden blond hair belong to this season. Avoid cool colors such as purple, fuchsia, in black, pink and gray.


The winter palette is characterized by cold, deep and bright colors that characterize nature in the winter period. To this season belong people with cold complexions, whether darker, olive or instead very light, dark and deep or gemstone eyes, and hair from raven black to ash brown. Perfect are intense, cool colors such as emerald green, midnight blue and purple. To be avoided: warm, soft colors such as beige and the orange range.

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