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Polo Shirts

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Polo Shirts

Falconeri’s men’s cotton polo shirts are timeless and traditional staples. Perfect on their own or layered under knitwear and blazers, this look is for all men to try!

What is a polo shirt?

Polos are cool and classic menswear that can be found in every modern man’s wardrobe. Distinctive of their collar and placket neckline with buttons, men’s polo shirts are traditional pieces of clothing. First worn by polo players, over time the men’s polos have transformed into an everyday staple, though they do still maintain an air of their sporty heritage. For a similar alternative, opt for a men’s t-shirt instead.

How to wear a polo shirt

As long as your polo shirts are sophisticated and stylish, they can easily transcend into smart casual occasions. For business casual events, simply put on a pair of trousers and a blazer over top. For casual daywear, style them with a pair of jeans or Falconeri knitwear when it gets cold. In the summer or if going golfing, your men’s cotton polo shirt will pair perfectly with shorts.

How to fold a polo shirt

To fold your men’s polo shirt simply lay the polo face down on a flat surface. Spread out any wrinkles and then fold the arms towards the centre so that you are left with a column. Lastly, fold the bottom up to reach the collar and turn the men’s polo around. You will be left with a perfectly folded polo that is ready for storage or packing!

How to tuck in a polo shirt

Tucking in your men’s polo shirt will elevate the elegance of your look. After completely tucking in your polo shirt, put on a belt that coordinates with the colour of your shoes to complete the look. For more freedom, leave your polo untucked, but only on casual occasions! For a balance between the two, French tuck your polo by solely tucking in the front of your polo shirt so that it folds elegantly over your waistband.

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