How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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Choose your gift the smart way

A gift has even more meaning when it's the right one, and with SmartGift you can't go wrong. Send the perfect gift to your loved ones with just the click of a button.


How it works

Surprise your loved ones: choose one or more items from our site and select the "Send with SmartGift" option. All you need is your recipient's e-mail address.

The recipient can instantly preview the gift and accept it without modification, change the color and/or size, or choose another product within the same price range. Once perfected, you can view the changes and accept it.

When the recipient is satisfied with the selection, you will receive a notification requesting payment.  Once payment is received, the gift will be sent to the recipient at the confirmed address. If the gift link is not accepted, it will expire after 90 days.


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Smart Gifting

What is Smart Gifting and how does it work?
Smart Gifting is a service that helps you give the perfect gift every time. By sending your gift with SmartGift, the recipient will have the possibility to personalize the color or size of your gift, swap it with an item within a certain price range or accept the original gift that you sent, all before any payment is made.
Can the gift recipient choose a more expensive item?
The gift recipient will have the possibility to swap the item(s) for different item(s) of equal or lesser value to the one(s) that you chose. They will also have the possibility to accept the gift that you originally sent or change its color and/or size (if applicable).
When do I pay?
After the gift recipient accepts their ideal gift, you will be notified via email that your gift is ready for purchase. There is no fee for using the SmartGift service.
When will the gift be shipped?
The gift will be shipped after the gift sender completes the payment of the selected gift. An email confirming that the purchase has been completed will be sent to the gift recipient within 48 hours.
Can the gift recipient return the gifted items after they are delivered?
Of course, they can return the gift if it doesn't meet their expectations. You can find out more in our Returns and Refunds section. Please note that the refund can only be issued to the person who placed the order and paid for it.
Still have questions?
No problem! For any information contact our Customer Service. Please include your questions or a brief description of the issue.
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