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Cashmere Care Routine Steps

Taking care of your precious cashmere garments is essential to keep their structure intact over time and prevent the natural formation of pilling. Follow our advice to best preserve your precious yarns.


Use Cleansing Lotion


Hand Wash In Cold Water


Lay Horizontally On a Towel


Cover the Garment and Iron It


Garment Care

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Jackets / Blazers

Crafted in luxurious yarns and fabrics, these are the key pieces for any gentleman’s wardrobe. The perfect combination of elegance and practicality.


Falconeri vests are comfortable, high-performance garments that add a touch of elegance to your look.

Cashmere $189

A series of unique, luxurious and soft yarns at the extraordinary price of $189. Add timeless elegance to your style.

Garment Care

The quality and beauty of our yarns

The yarns that characterize the Falconeri pieces are precious and of very high quality. It is important to take care of one’s own garments to conserve the quality and characteristics of the fabric over time. Cashmere, cotton, silk, silk cotton and linen are born from an accurate selection of raw materials, that respond to highly elevated standards of quality. Skilled hands transform the yarns into versatile and timeless pieces. The continuous technological research, Italian craftsmanship and accessible prices are the key words that characterize and make our products unique. The Cashmere Care products line will help you conserve the uniqueness of your Falconeri pieces.

Cleansing lotion

The cleansing lotion that we recommend you purchase for the care of your pieces, is a delicate lotion specific for the cleansing of cashmere, silk, silk cotton and wool pieces. Thanks to its formula, it delicately washes the finest of garments, leaving behind a luxurious fragrance with notes of linen on your pieces. Taking care of one’s own Falconeri pieces is the best way to preserve the quality and characteristics of the yarns. In order to wash these fabrics without ruining them, it is important to treat them with care. Wool and silk, as well as the extremely soft and very delicate ultralight and ultrasoft cashmere, are yarns that are very sensitive to the stress of frequent washing or with products that are not particularly delicate. Try our cleansing lotion: it is a true beauty cure for your delicate and precious pieces. The lotion will leave them soft, hydrated and fluffy.

Cashmere Mon Amour

Taking care of cashmere is fundamental in maintaining the beauty and softness of this yarn unaltered over time. A nice soft cashmere sweater is everyone's dream, perfect for all seasons. It is a piece that is dynamic, versatile and full of possibilities. Cashmere is a loyal friend that lovingly hugs us while we are busy living our lives. It is easy to wear; comfortable and at the same time elegant. To get to know high quality cashmere at an excellent price intimately, Falconeri has created a selection of pieces for you in cashmere at the extraordinary price of $149. Take a look at our section dedicated to the care of yarns; you will find a list of fundamental steps for the care of your cashmere.

The perfect wardrobe

To have the perfect wardrobe season after season, we recommend that you care, perfume and protect your favorite pieces. To guarantee the brilliance and elasticity of the silk shirt tops and the softness of your cashmere sweaters, it is fundamental to choose the right products to preserve their beauty unaltered over time. Take care of your pieces and safeguard your perfect wardrobe season after season.

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