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Find the perfect embroidery

Would you like to tell a piece of yourself or the bonds you weave with the people you love? Make your Falconeri purchase unique: express your personality through unique and personalised garments.

How do we do your embroidery?

Identification of embroidery

Customising cashmere or silk-cotton garments is a delicate process that requires time and precision, considering the preciousness of the fibre. The first step is to identify the text, colour and position of the chosen embroidery, set up using an application.

Use of the frame

The perfect position of the embroidery, once identified, is marked with a special scroll. The garment is then carefully placed on a special stretching frame.

Adjusting the machine

Adjusting and setting the machine speed requires careful consideration of the embroidery size. This step is of crucial importance for the success of the embroidery and for maintaining the softness of the thread.

Implementation of embroidery

Once the previous steps have been completed, the machine is switched on and in a few minutes the embroidery is precisely produced according to the settings selected in the first step: position, font and size.

Final Finishing and Quality Control

Before being made up, the garment and embroidery are meticulously checked. Once the inspection is complete, the garment is ready for dispatch.

Personalisation is simple!


1. What to embroider?

Choose the kind of embroidery that best expresses your personality.


2. Choose the position

Use the position of your embroidery to add a romantic or sporty touch to your garment.


3. Make it yours

Choose the font, colour and size of the embroidery to make it completely unique to you.



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