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The voyage of our cashmere

The new campaign is an ode to the beauty of travel, an invitation to be enveloped in the infinite softness of pure cashmere and unique emotions on skin. The unique garments become companions of life and adventure, creating precious memories every step of the way.

This season, the protagonists are a couple, who will guide us through an unforgettable journey to discover the authentic essence of the Brand and the incredible warmth that only Falconeri Pure Cashmere is capable of conveying. Every emotion, smile and moment of complicity blend with the finest natural fibre, underlining the parallelism between the quality of our products and the solidity of authentic bonds.

The journey begins with our couple wrapped in soft cashmere garments in neutral colours, specially chosen to enhance the softness and uniqueness of our creations. These shades underline the importance the brand attaches to timeless, high quality fashion.

Join Falconeri on this extraordinary journey!

The voyage of our cashmere

Feel the cashmere embrace

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