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Falconeri gloves finish off any winter outfit in a unique and very feminine way. Soft, warm and chic, Falconeri gloves come in a range of colours and textures, always made with the finest natural yarns.
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Jackets / Blazers

Crafted in luxurious yarns and fabrics, these are the key pieces for any gentleman’s wardrobe. The perfect combination of elegance and practicality.


Falconeri vests are comfortable, high-performance garments that add a touch of elegance to your look.

Cashmere 149€

A series of unique, luxurious and soft yarns at the extraordinary price of 149€. Add timeless elegance to your style.


Falconeri Made-in-Italy gloves provide a unique touch to complete every ultra-feminine winter outfit. Soft, warm and chic, Falconeri gloves are available in various colors and textures, always in the finest natural fibers. Prefer a younger, more daring look? Try fingerless crochet gloves. If you prefer a more elegant, sophisticated look, pair them with long sleeves; also perfect for wearing with three-quarter sleeves. The more classic, regular styles are everyone’s must-haves for winter since, as well as bringing a stylish touch to your look, they protect your hands from the cold weather! In various colors, from darker shades for those who prefer a more sophisticated look, to the absolutely on-trend lighter pastel colors which give a cheerful touch to cold, grey days. Decide how to wear your Falconeri gloves: with a coat and matching scarf, or with a cropped jacket and ultra-chic hat. In Falconeri gloves you’ll be the queen of winter, you can’t go without them!

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