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Women's Ponchos

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Women's Capes

The poncho has become a refined accessory and a wardrobe must-have for every woman. Explore our selection of capes and ponchos in a range of classic and modern colours made from luxury fabrics. Shop online today!

The Falconeri Collection of women’s Ponchos

Falconeri embraces the charm and tradition of an accessory from the past by reinventing it with a contemporary and on-trend edge. Our ladies’ ponchos can transform even the most basic and casual outfits into something modern, elegant, and feminine. Wear our knitted ponchos and cashmere capes for a perfect sophisticated look that enhances your figure in a refined way.

Women’s Ponchos: Quality Fabrics

Falconeri ponchos for women are made in Italy from the finest yarns, the warmest of which is superior cashmere. A cashmere poncho is an elegant and sophisticated embrace to embellish winter days or early spring evenings. Our women's capes and ponchos are the perfect alternative to a classic jacket for a more modern appearance. To ensure your precious cashmere remains intact over time, refer to our detailed garments care guide .

Women’s Capes designed for you

Falconeri takes its inspiration from the environment and natural world, which is closely reflected in our women’s ponchos and knitted capes. Our open-front ponchos are woven in earthy tones; the classic and neutral colours such as black and white will ensure ease when getting dressed. They will pair perfectly with anything in your wardrobe; for an element of surprise, layer your poncho over one of our jumpers in lagoon blue or sangria pink to add a touch of colour!

How to style women’s ponchos?

An elegant ladies' poncho with sleeves makes every look appear refined when combined with heeled shoes and worn elegantly over the shoulders. If you are looking for a more modern yet elegant style, pair it with ankle boots, trousers and an oversized jumper ideal for daytime errands. Wear our lightweight poncho over a blouse for a refined and sophisticated look for the spring season. Explore the rest of the women's collection and embrace the Falconeri style to never go unnoticed!

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