How can we help you? How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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What are the accepted payment methods?
On you can pay via: Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Scalapay, Klarna.
When is the amount charged on my credit card?
For payments made via credit card and PayPal, the amount of your order will be authorized automatically and charged only when your order is shipped.
Can I pay with cash on delivery?
At the moment this service is not available.
Why does my payment seem charged twice?
There is a difference between authorization and payment: when you make an online order there is always a payment authorization. An authorization is a pending payment or an amount withheld in a payment account. It is not a real charge and is usually shown in the pending charges section of credit cards. The actual collection is only made when the garments come out physically from our warehouse. If you see the amount authorized as collected, please contact your bank directly so they can "unlock" the amount withheld.
Is my payment safe?
Yes, payment is completely secured by one of the most important global certificate authority which is Comodo. Furthermore all the information entered to make your purchase are in conformity with the processing of personal data and will be treated in full accordance with the privacy laws. The website is also in conformity with all spam and virus controls. Navigation is completely safe.
How does Scalapay work?
Scalapay is a payment method which allows you to order online, receive your products immediately and pay in three equal monthly instalments. The first instalment will be charged during the purchase and it will be in the amount of one third of the purchase. The next two instalments will be charged in the next two months. Scalapay will notify you about the payment a few days in advance via SMS and e-mail.
How much is Scalapay?
Scalapay is completely free for the buyer as long as the instalments are paid within the deadline. You will be charged a late payment fee only if one or more of the instalments are not paid properly within the deadline. We would like to suggest you contact Scapalay Customer Service to obtain information about commissions. Scalapay will notify you about the payment a few days in advance via SMS and e-mail.
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