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How can we help you?

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Falconeri sustainability

From the pastures of Mongolia to our shops, we take care of every detail, without intermediaries, respecting the environment and people.


Falconeri is committed to respecting the environment and carries out its activities by trying to improve the management of natural resources used in production and distribution every day.

Our commitment

The cashmere supply chain

Falconeri cashmere is a 100% natural and reusable yarn: precious for you and for the environment.

Daily commitment to sustainability

We respect environmental laws and regulations, paying particular attention to the prevention of pollution.

Fashion Pact

An international coalition between 67 major fashion groups, which guides the sector towards reducing its environmental impact.

Our most important resource is the people who work with us.

This is why we have always aimed to create the best possible conditions in the workplace, supporting our employees throughout their journey, within the company. We foster and encourage internal growth, which is why internal career paths are designed to allow deserving people to access positions of responsibility.

We support people

Women’s employment

Women represent 91% of our workforce. We firmly believe in female potential and we work to enable their development, professional and economic growth in the company.

Contribution to local communities

We offer our contribution to support social, sporting, cultural, welfare activities and even small public works, always ensuring the principle of transparency.


We respect people and the environment in all stages of production.


We believe in extraordinary quality

Our secret is a magical combination of the finest natural fibres, Italian artisan skills and innovative production systems.

Our Initiatives

Product Care

We have therefore chosen some valuable tips to preserve the original characteristics of our products.

The Falconeri Dream

We believe in timeless beauty. Come and discover the values that guide us every day.

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