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Discover our luxurious collection of men's cashmere gloves to enter the winter season style. Shop online to find your favorites!
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Discover our warm cashmere gloves for men, crafted with the finest 100% natural cashmere and available in various timeless colors. Find your favorites today and keep your hands warm when the temperatures drop.

100% cashmere gloves for men

Our luxurious gloves add a touch of elegance and personality to every outfit. Cashmere is an expression of luxury, embodying the knowledge of Italian design and the values of extraordinary raw materials. Falconeri Superior Cashmere is crafted from a premium selection of yarns that come directly from the soft downy undercoat of goats from the region in the eastern part of Asia. Its properties help to retain body heat, without weighing it down. So soft and comfortable, yet so elegant, our cashmere gloves are designed to keep your hands stylish and comfortable when bracing the colder seasons.

Men’s gloves in timeless shades

Choose from a timeless range of colors that is perfect for accessorizing any outfit. Our classic grey and black cashmere gloves can be styled effortlessly to add elegance to any formal attire. Alternatively, our creamy shades could be paired with more casual outfits to keep you warm all day. Get the best of both worlds by styling our navy gloves with endless outfits for the daily office commute or attending fun festive events. Browse through our range to choose the best option for your wardrobe.

How to style your luxury gloves

Match your pair of luxury gloves with a matching Falconeri cashmere beanie and round-neck sweater to keep you looking chic whilst enjoying the colder seasons with loved ones. Combine our warm winter gloves with a turtleneck sweater and a stylish blazer to look your best when attending any formal events. Alternatively, match your new pair of gloves with one of our classic cashmere scarves for the perfect addition to your office commute that will keep you warm without sacrificing style.

How to take care of your cashmere gloves

Follow our quick and simple steps to keep your cashmere gloves looking pristine for many seasons to come. First, ensure to only wash them in cold water by hand with mild detergent. Refrain from bleaching or tumble drying. Instead, we recommend laying the gloves flat on a surface in a shaded area to air dry. If needed, cool iron them for a smooth, brand-new look. Browse our beautiful collection today to find your new must-have winter accessories.

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