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Women's Puffer Jackets

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Cashmere from $195

The most exquisite and soft yarn. Add timeless elegance to your style.


The homewear line consists of versatile pieces you can wear all day, every day. Designed to accompany you on your relaxing days.


The perfect combination of femininity and elegance. Experience the elegance of Falconeri knitwear.

Scarves / Stoles

Made from cashmere and the best natural fibers such as silk, they are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Women's Down Jackets

Discover our collection of women’s puffer jackets and browse our wide range of high-quality down coats in timeless shades and premium fabrics to elevate your cold-weather ensembles.

Women’s insulated puffer jackets in high-quality fabrics

Crafted with the finest materials, our collection of long-sleeved puffer jackets combines superior insulation and effortless elegance. Our thicker designs feature practical, technical fabrics and soft, down padding for elevated warmth during the colder months. Alternatively, if you are looking for a substitute for the mid-season temperatures, try our lightweight down jackets, offering a versatile, contemporary silhouette perfect for spring and fall. Enhance your wardrobe with one of our long-lasting outerwear staples and layer them effortlessly over your outfits to upgrade your style.

Lightweight down jackets for mid-season

Combine comfort with sophisticated style by wrapping yourselves in one of our lightweight puffer jackets, ideal for mid-season wear. Pair them with any scarf and knitwear combination to finish off a casual fall or spring ensemble. Choose a white or navy blue puffer during spring outings for an elegant finish that compliments any look. Similarly, refine your fall outerwear with our classic beige designs that add an element of warmth to your contemporary outfits.

Women’s puffer jackets for winter

Brighten your winter style with our padded down jackets in white and olive green, featuring a ribbed wool collar lining and a combination of wind and waterproof fabrics to keep you warm and protected against stormy winter weather. Alternatively, if you are looking for outerwear that covers your hips, choose our drawstring hooded puffer coats in classic black and beige shades, finished with merino wool cuffs and guaranteed to keep you fashionably warm.

How to style our women’s down puffer coats and jackets

Enhance your fall wardrobe by styling a beige puffer jacket with an oversized V-neck sweater and cigarette pants for effortlessly elegant office attire. For the coldest weather, refresh your winter apparel and pair a hooded puffer jacket with wide-leg pants and a wool turtleneck for a luxuriously comfortable everyday ensemble. Add a layer of insulation with a button-up cardigan, and tuck a pure cashmere scarf into your jacket for ultimate comfort. Browse the modern designs to wrap yourself in exceptional warmth with one of our puffer coats.

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