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il Sogno Falconeri

The evolution of luxury

We believe in long-lasting beauty.
In the value of garments to wear and love.
Our secret is a magic combination of luxurious natural fibers, Italian craftsmanship and innovative production methods. From the pastures of Mongolia to our stores, we look after every detail, without any middlemen, while respecting people and the environment. We believe in the highest quality cashmere at exceptional prices. Extraordinary products for extraordinary people. This is the evolution of luxury. This is Falconeri.

This is what we believe in

This is Falconeri

Timeless beauty


Falconeri products are long-lasting investments. They are durable products if they are treated well and maintained with care.

This is not the excess of luxury


Clean, simple and classy designs are the best way to make the luxurious essence of our products stand out.

We bring craftsmanship and innovation together


Our innovative technologies respect the environment, but it is the craftsmanship and manual work that makes each piece unique.

Attention to detail


We ensure that our garments meet the highest standards in terms of endurance and softness: each piece is subjected to strict quality controls.

Respect for the environment


We respect people and the environment in all stages of production. We aim to create the best possible working conditions, supporting our employees throughout their career.

The best raw materials


Our products are made of the highest-quality yarns. We source our cashmere, without any middlemen, from rural areas of Mongolia to bring the best Superior Cashmere to the customer.

Extraordinary products for extraordinary people


We offer the best products at exceptional prices. It is our dream to make the highest-quality yarns accessible to an increasing number of people.

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A combination of luxurious natural fibres, Italian craftsmanship and innovative production methods.

Discover Cashmere

Our Superior Cashmere

Extremely fine and lightweight, Cashmere Ultrafine 2.50 is always soft and silky and feels warm and weightless to wear.

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From the pastures of Mongolia to our stores

Highest-quality cashmere at exceptional prices


Cashmere from £149

Quality garments at extraordinary prices.

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Essential, timeless elegance.

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Sophisticated lines and flawless style.

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This is the evolution of luxury. This is Falconeri.



Sophisticated lines and flawless style.

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A sporty touch without sacrificing comfort.

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