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How can we help you?

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Falconeri Production

We produce 92% of our garments internally, ensuring each step of production is carried out with the utmost attention to detail and quality, while respecting resources, the environment and people.


The name of the Falconeri brand is a tribute to the botanist and explorer Hugh Falconer, from whom the Falconeri goat got its name. His deep understanding of nature, which helped Charles Darwin shape his evolutionary theory, is a source of inspiration for our continuous work in creating an environmentally friendly product, with the highest quality standards every day.

Falconeri Production


All our yarns are of natural origin. Our cashmere comes from Mongolia, where one of the most noble and precious yarns in the world is obtained from the Hircus goat.

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Our cashmere comes to life from raw materials, in the Italian headquarters of Avio, where the manual expertise of skilled craftsmen blends with innovative production techniques.

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We take care of every detail, without any middlemen, while respecting people and the environment.

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Our most important resource is the people who work with us

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The Production Phases

Origin of raw material

Cashmere is made from the hair of the Hircus goat, native to the highlands of Mongolia.


The cashmere staple arrives in Italy from Mongolia, here it is transformed into yarn.

Yarn Check

The yarn is subjected to continuous quality controls throughout the supply chain, in compliance with demanding standards of excellence.


The spools of thread arrive at our production plant in Avio, in the province of Trento, where they are ready to be transformed into garments to wear.


In our style offices, the continuous search for new techniques for processing raw materials meets Falconeri style, timeless and refined.


Cutting-edge machinery and innovative production techniques allow us to produce on a large scale without affecting the value and quality of the raw material.

Linking and packaging

A single garment, requires more than an hour of manual work to finish the details.

Garment check

Every single product is subjected to continuous checks, in compliance with constant, high quality standards.

Washing and ironing

In this phase, we wash the product to enhance its softness, while ironing its dimensions.


This last manual phase involves the application of elements such as buttons and labels.

Our Initiatives

The Falconeri Dream

We believe in long-lasting beauty. We believe in the value of well-made garments to wear and love.

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Superior Cashmere

Exceptional quality for a practical and essential wardrobe.

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